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The softness of Cashmere is a much-loved one; however the accompanying price tag usually is not. Because of this we have created a carefully selected blend of 70% fine Merino with 30% premium quality Cashmere which rivals the softness of 100% pure Cashmere- and at a fraction of the cost. With this beautifully soft blend, we have created an impressive Collection of over 54 styles - affordable luxuryfor all tastes, shapes and sizes.

The Merino sheep is regarded as having some of the finest and softest wool of any sheep and the yarns are highly versatile, meaning they can be used for high-performance athletic clothing as well as knitwear. When married with Cashmere, which is characterised by its super soft fibres, they create the perfect yarn blend, providing natural temperature regulation and unrivalled comfort at an amazing price. So whether you are sourcing items for formal or casual wear, our range of Cashmere & Merino sweaters, cardigans and sleeveless tops will more than suit the occasion.

Please Note: Some of our styles are unisex, so check the unique size guide on each product page to ensure you get the correct size first time.
Wool Overs
Wool Overs

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